Calculate Your Returns:


Investment Size = $7,000*
  • Gross ROI = upto 20%
  • Monthly = $1200 (approx)
  • Annual = $14,400 (approx)
  • Includes $1000 setup cost*

Coming soon

We are constantly working on more such plans.

Frequently asked questions

Is this legal?

Yes, running an algorithm to trade is completely legal.

Is my money safe?

Absolutely, at no point you will transfer any money to our account. All the money will be in your accounts with globally reputed and regulated brokers like XM. com, Trading Point, etc. where our algorithm will work.You can withdraw your money any time, there’s no lock-in or delay in payment processing.

But still 15% seems fake...

Well, we let our results speak for us, also we make money only when you make money, That way, we will keep growing your money. This isn’t a scheme where we are claiming there’s no risk. But from our analysis, you can get 10-15% a month, at the worst, minimizing most risks.

How does it work?

QT backtested 8 years data on forex markets to create multiple strategies that have proven to generate profit. It goes a step further to add in multiple strategies for risk reduction yielding an average return of about 15% per month.